Gum treatment

Gum disease in adults is the most common dental problem. They can manifest themselves at any age and often develop slowly and painlessly. They can progress to the point where you risk losing your teeth if they are not detected soon enough.


We now know that the presence of bacteria, in the form of biofilm, causes the infection. These bacteria move into the bloodstream and put us at risk for other possible systemic diseases. Periodontal infection increases the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, premature birth, low weight baby, respiratory infections ... We also know that it is the way our body responds to this biological burden that determines the result of the treatment.


The incorporation of the laser in the treatment of periodontal diseases ensures the total decontamination of the sites treated by it. The laser also allows the implementation of the body's immune response in the process of healing lesions. Laser procedures have little or no uncomfortable effects.


AlloDerm Registry

AlloDerm consists of a collagen matrix that gives the dentist the essential elements you need for a successful transplant without the limitations of the grafting technique elsewhere in your mouth and thus decrease post-treatment sensitivity and discomfort .

Moreover, this technique leaves no scar, makes the procedure totally invisible and no color demarcation is visible.

An AlloDerm transplant can be recommended for:

Root covering;

Tissue augmentation;

Recession of the gums.

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