Disorder of the joint

Do you have worn or broken teeth for no reason? You have jaw pain, sensitive teeth, stiff neck, limited opening, tension and headaches (especially in the morning)? We offer several targeted treatment options to treat these types of problems including occlusal plate and occlusal balancing.


Occlusal plate of bruxism


This device is designed for people who do bruxism or dental clenching to protect teeth. The consequences of this force exerted by your muscles can be catastrophic and quickly cause severe wear of your teeth and chronic pain in your joint.


ATM occlusal plate


This device is designed for people who suffer from inflammation and pain in the joint. Follow-ups and monthly adjustments will help control and reduce inflammation.


Occlusion balancing


Many people believe they have a healthy mouth because the teeth are straight, without cavities and the gums do not bleed. By cons, a mouth can not be healthy if the function is not adequate.


Muscle and dental pain, broken teeth and fillings, bone loss, frequent headaches and many other signs and symptoms are very often linked to inadequate function. Balancing helps to find a good jaw position and distribute forces in the mouth in a uniform way to find stability and oral health.




This device is highly recommended for athletes. The latter brings multiple benefits such as reducing the risk of concussion and dental protection. We also offer the ability to customize the device by making a color selection and adding an image or logo.

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