Crown Bridge | Facet

Dr. Audette believes that nothing beats natural teeth. That's why she will do everything possible to keep you yours. Sometimes a tooth is badly damaged or missing. Fortunately, it can be remedied with bridges or prostheses.




A crown can be used to cover the damaged part of your tooth and protect it from further damage. The crowns are made of various types of metals, porcelain, a metal-ceramic alloy or CEREC technology. They are strong and last several years if you take good care of them. Brush them and floss them as you do for your natural teeth.


Crown on implant


Dental implants are essentially artificial tooth roots. The first step is the surgical phase, performed by the maxillofacial surgeon and later Dr. Audette is placing the crown on the implant.




If a tooth is missing, it is important to replace it with a false tooth (or artificial tooth) as soon as possible. This will prevent the remaining teeth from misalignment and other problems.


The bridge, also called "fixed bridge" or "fixed partial denture", is permanently attached to the surrounding healthy teeth and replaces one or more teeth.




Facets are small, very thin, acrylic or porcelain shells that are attached to the surface of the teeth. Like etching, it is used to cover very stained, chipped or irregularly shaped teeth and large fillings.

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